Relocation Guide

The Relocation Guide – Important tips before you move

It's finally here, the moment anyone has been preparing and planning for the last few weeks. You are certainly ready to relocate if anyone has followed the steps in this relocating guide. Below are a few more last minute tips for the relocation day.

Being Present For The relocation

It's critical to be available when your moving company arrive, but if you can't be certain there while your mover guys are loading and packing, assign a friends and colleague or family member to assist and to take minor decisions in your absence. Ensure that this person knows exactly what need to be done, even to the smallest detail. You need to understand that this certain person will be requested to authorize legal documents obligating you to charges and allowing the moving companies to move your items. Let them know who is going to delight you.

Be with the job manager/foreman when inspects any of your articles for pre-existing damages such as cracks. Such cracks or damages with a description of your items at the time of lading should appear on the inventory and should be used in case of an insurance damage claim.

Carefully review all of the paperwork and details before your movers and packers go. Confirm that all details are right, that the expense matches your quote and that the items list is in the appropriate order.

Say Goodbye To Your Old Home

Be there till the very last item is safely loaded into the vehicle for transport, and have a final analysis before your packers and movers leave. Confirm that all of your belongings are loaded and that nothing left behind.

Don't let your mobile switch off throughout the day because moving company might need to contact you if any problem occurs during transport. So make sure your cell phone batteries are full.

Get rid of any debris or junk that was left and ensure that house is clean before you leave. Confirm that the electrical equipments were shut off. Call the service providers like electricity company, ISP, Phone company providers to make sure that your services will be disconnected the next day.

If you have animals or pets, then you will also need to consider how to move your pets with the transferring.

Our pets can't tell us what they're thinking or feeling, and we can't explain to them what's going on, but we must remember that moving house is an extremely stressful time for them because of this fact - they don't understand what's happening. Your existing home may be the only place they've ever known and therefore leaving the place where they feel safe and secure can be very upsetting and traumatic for them. This stressful situation can be avoided if you plan well for moving your pet.

Remember! Don't ever move your pets in the truck, Its inhuman. You should arrange some comfortable transport where enough room is available for them or if you're driving yourself them your pet should go along with you in the family car.

Complete a final walk-through with the new owner of your home or the real estate e agent. Give the real estate agent or new owner the alarm codes, house keys, and garage door remote controls.

Finally, take an inspection walk with the house owner or estate agent hand over the house keys.

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